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At Bij Koen en Marijke in Bruges, Marijke’s dedication to crafting the perfect drink menu mirrors her passion for quality and showcases the best of local and global beverages. Her journey from the renowned breweries of Bruges to distant vineyards ensures our selection of Belgian beers, fine wines, and artisan spirits not only complements our wood-fired grill dishes but also reflects the pinnacle of local craftsmanship and global excellence.

Marijke’s commitment extends beyond taste to embrace environmental sustainability and community support. She meticulously selects beverages from producers who prioritize eco-friendly practices, aligning our drink offerings with our values. This thoughtful selection enriches our menu and supports sustainable practices worldwide, allowing each sip taken at our restaurant to contribute to a better planet.

Discover more on the vibrant MissBaxelsBeers blog, authored by Marijke, where she dives into the world of beers with detailed reviews and insights. This blog is not just a showcase of her expertise but also a valuable resource for beer lovers seeking to appreciate both unique and classic flavors.

Our dynamic drink menu at Bij Koen en Marijke is deliberately kept offline due to its frequent updates, which reflect Marijke’s latest discoveries and our commitment to freshness. This ever-changing selection keeps our regulars returning, eager to discover new tastes and experiences that Marijke brings back from her global beverage quests.

Join us at Bij Koen en Marijke in Bruges for a dining experience where exceptional food meets exquisite drinks. Experience firsthand how Marijke’s curated selections elevate each meal, making every visit memorable. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, our doors are always open, inviting you to partake in a journey of culinary delight and beverage discovery.

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