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Exploring Our Beer Menu: A Deep Dive into "Bij Koen en Marijke", local breweries rule!

local beer as there are many on our menu
Noir De Dottignies

Nestled in the heart of Bruges, a city renowned for its rich beer culture, "Bij Koen en Marijke" stands out with a meticulously curated beer menu that resonates with both local enthusiasts and discerning visitors. This blog post offers an in-depth look at our unique beer selection, spotlighting the exceptional choices on offer and the philosophy behind our curation, largely spearheaded by Marijke herself.

A Passion for Local Craft Breweries

At "Bij Koen en Marijke," our beer menu is a vibrant celebration of local craft breweries. Marijke, with her deep appreciation for the nuances of brewing, selects each beer with a focus on showcasing the region's best small-scale brewers.

These craft breweries are at the forefront of innovation, often pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing to create distinctive and memorable beers. By prioritizing local options, we not only support the regional beer community but also provide our guests with a genuine taste of our locale's brewing artistry.

A Dynamic and Thoughtfully Curated Selection

Marijke believes that the essence of a great beer menu lies in its balance and thoughtful curation. Thus, our beer list is intentionally small and changes frequently, ensuring that each selection is both current and exciting. This approach allows us to maintain a fresh and dynamic menu that reflects the seasonality and creative output of our local breweries. It also encourages our guests to explore a spectrum of new flavors and styles on each visit, from robust stouts and flavorful IPAs to refreshing saisons and complex sour ales.

Predominantly Local with a Touch of International Flair

While our focus is strongly on local craft beers, Marijke occasionally introduces rare international brews to offer a touch of global flavor. These selections are chosen to complement the predominantly local lineup, providing an interesting contrast and broadening the horizons of our guests. However, these international choices are carefully picked to ensure they meet the same high standards of quality and uniqueness as our local offerings.

Pairing with Perfection

Our beer selections are not chosen in isolation but are considered for how well they pair with the dishes on our menu. Marijke's pairings aim to enhance both the culinary and drinking experiences, with each beer chosen to complement specific flavors in our meals. Whether it's pairing a delicate Belgian pale ale with a light seafood dish or a hearty Belgian dubbel with a rich meaty entrée, the goal is always to elevate the taste sensations of both the beer and the food.


"Bij Koen en Marijke" is more than just a dining destination; it's a place where the love for local craft beer and fine food converges. Under Marijke's expert guidance, our beer menu offers an intimate glimpse into the vibrant local beer scene, with thoughtful inclusions of international brews to spice up the mix. Each visit promises new tastes and discoveries, making our restaurant a beacon for those who cherish the art of beer and food together.

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