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There is a place like home

Welcome to Bij Koen en Marijke, your go-to destination in the historic heart of Bruges for a heartwarming dining experience that feels like home. Formerly known as In't Nieuw Museum, our beloved establishment has adopted a new name that reflects our commitment to making every guest feel like part of our family. Nestled in the vibrant center of Bruges, we offer an authentic dining experience enriched with Belgian tradition and the finest local ingredients.

Our dedication to culinary excellence is evident in our sourcing practices, where we procure meats, vegetables, and herbs exclusively from local farms within a 100 km radius of Bruges. This ensures that every dish, from our succulent wood-fired steaks to our vibrant, freshly-picked vegetables, is a showcase of peak-season freshness and supports our community. Our menu is a tribute to Belgium's rich culinary heritage, prepared with a commitment to sustainability.

Step inside Bij Koen en Marijke and be greeted by the rustic elegance of our interiors and the welcoming crackle of our wood-fired grill. Our dining space is perfectly designed for comfort and cherished gatherings, making it an ideal setting for both romantic dinners and family meals.

Discover our selection of finely curated local Belgian beers, handpicked by Marijke to complement the robust flavors of our dishes perfectly. With Koen's expertise at the grill and our exceptional selection of beverages, each visit becomes a celebrated hallmark of our dining experience. Impeccable service and heartfelt hospitality await whether you're joining us for a casual meal or a special celebration.

Centrally located in Bruges, Bij Koen en Marijke is more than just a restaurant—it's a destination where every meal is a celebration of life's simple pleasures. Our transformation from In't Nieuw Museum to Bij Koen en Marijke symbolizes our evolving journey while preserving the essence our guests have always cherished.

Join us at Bij Koen en Marijke, one of Bruges' finest culinary delights, perfect for those who value dining in a setting that feels like home. Experience extraordinary meals that create lasting memories, where every visit is a warm reminder of the joys of good eating and genuine company.

Koen and Marijke, a couple, sweetly nestled in the back of a van, in a black and white wedding photo.

Our Story

Maestro of Flames

Koen Demeulemeester

"Flame-Kissed Flavors, Hearth-Crafted Perfection"


Step into the vibrant ambiance of Bij Koen en Marijke in Bruges, where our open fireplace serves not just as a decorative element, but as the pulsating heart of our restaurant. Masterfully manned by Koen, our Maestro of the Flames, the fireplace transforms cooking from ordinary to extraordinary—a mesmerizing display of sparks, flames, and culinary passion, all orchestrated by Koen’s expert hands.

Each dish that emerges from our fireplace is a testament to Koen’s artistry, boasting a perfect char and a delicate whisper of smoke that deepens and enriches the flavors through the dance of the flames. This time-honored method, combined with Koen’s innovative techniques, transforms simple ingredients into remarkable culinary creations. Dining at Bij Koen en Marijke is more than a meal; it’s an immersive journey that invites guests to witness the magic of their meals being crafted from flame to plate, offering a unique gastronomic experience in Bruges.

Beneath the warm glow and crackling sounds of the fire, dining at our restaurant is not merely eating food—it’s partaking in a captivating culinary performance that engages all senses. Join us at Bij Koen en Marijke for a dining experience where each visit becomes a vivid spectacle of fire and flavor, uniquely memorable and authentically Bruges.

Chef Koen of 'Bij Koen en Marijke', with a full beard and suspenders, stands among guests in his restaurant.
Smiling Marijke from 'Bij Koen en Marijke' holds up a glass of beer with a rich head, in a floral dress.

Guest Experience Guru

Marijke Bax

"Crafting Your Pint of Happiness"


Meet Marijke, our esteemed Guest Experience Guru at Bij Koen en Marijke, located in the vibrant heart of Bruges. More than just serving beer, Marijke crafts unforgettable experiences, one pint at a time. Her exceptional talent for pairing the perfect brew with any guest’s taste preferences transforms each visit into a vibrant celebration of hops and happiness.

Whether you crave a bold stout or seek the refreshment of a light ale, Marijke is dedicated to guiding your taste buds on an exhilarating journey of flavors. Under her expert care, every sip becomes a discovery of new tastes, leading you to a state of pure bliss. At Bij Koen en Marijke, every visit promises more than just a meal—it's a full sensory encounter with the best of Belgian beers, each personally curated to complement your dining experience.

Join us for a dining adventure where Marijke's expertise enhances the joy of your meal, making each moment at our restaurant not only delicious but also uniquely memorable. Experience the finest Belgian hospitality and brewing tradition right here at Bij Koen en Marijke, where every beer tells a story and every sip is a celebration.

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