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Step into Bij Koen en Marijke in Bruges, where the magic of our renowned wood-fired grill brings the best of locally sourced ingredients to vibrant life. Each dish is not just a meal but a celebration of Belgian culinary traditions, crafted to offer a journey of flavors that are as vibrant and fresh as they are fiery. Join us for a unique dining experience where local bounty meets artisanal fire techniques, creating unforgettable moments with every bite.

Experience the authentic taste of Belgium at our restaurant, where each meal is crafted into a masterpiece. Our commitment to local sourcing and traditional methods ensures that every visit becomes a discovery of true culinary excellence. Located in the heart of Bruges, Bij Koen en Marijke is the ultimate destination for food lovers seeking an adventure in taste and a deep connection with the local food culture.

Indulge in a dining experience where the warm ambiance and the crackling of the wood-fired grill promise more than just food—it's a feast for the senses. Bij Koen en Marijke is not just a place to eat; it's a venue where tradition meets passion, and every guest is treated as family. Discover Bruges through its flavors and let each visit to our restaurant be a step into a world of culinary delight.


€90 per person

€105 per person with beer pairing

Grilled Camembert


Rib Eye (West Flemish Red)




Lightly Marbled, Full Meat Flavor
Aged +/- 3 weeks (e.g., West Flemish Red, Hereford, Parenthaise, Charolais, Aubrac)
400 gram (1 person) €62.50 | 800 gram (2 persons) €120.00



Coarse Marbling, Slightly Creamy Aftertaste

Aged + 4 weeks (e.g., Holstein, West Flemish Red, Salers, Simmental)
400 gram (1 person) €72.50 | 800 gram (2 persons) €135.00


Finer Marbling, Full Buttery Taste

Aging +/- 6 weeks (e.g., Angus, Holstein, Simmental, Lakenvelder)

400 gram (1 person) €85.00 | 800 gram (2 persons) €155.00


Fennel Sausages Nonna's Way


Grilled and Melted Camembert


Cold Cuts (Charcuterie)


Sourdough Bread & Truffle Butter


Langoustine Tails in Garlic Butter


Beef Tartare with Spring Onion & Tomato Vinegar


Beetroot Tartare, Tomato & Maple


Padrón Peppers, Blistered and Smoked




Bavette from West Flemish Red


Chateaubriand from West Flemish Red


Filet Pur from Blonde D'Aquitaine


Rack of Lamb



Langoustine Tails


Mowi Salmon



Beetroot and Tomato Tartare



Fennel Sausages


Grilled Chicken Breast




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