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At Bij Koen en Marijke, nestled in the vibrant heart of Bruges, we believe that a truly memorable dining experience transcends the plate, merging exquisite culinary creations with an ambiance that touches the soul. Here, within our inviting walls, the magic of good music plays a pivotal role in transforming meals into moments of joy and connection. Our carefully curated playlist, featuring a harmonious mix of genres, is designed to complement the flavors of your meal and reflect the warmth of our hospitality, making us a standout dining destination in Bruges.

From the moment you step into Bij Koen en Marijke, the air is alive with music that sets the scene for an unforgettable evening. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: only tunes that move us and invite us to sing along make it to our playlist. This approach ensures that our music selection remains accessible and delightful to all, creating an environment where each note resonates with the spirit of our guests. Our diverse musical offerings promise to engage everyone, featuring everything from timeless classics to contemporary hits, each chosen for its universal appeal and ability to spark joy.

Bij Koen en Marijke is more than just a restaurant; it's a place where culinary artistry meets the art of living well, where every visit is an opportunity to celebrate life with good food, great company, and even better music. Whether you're seeking a romantic backdrop for dinner, a lively atmosphere for family celebrations, or a relaxing setting for meals with friends, our blend of flavors and melodies promises to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Join us in Bruges for an experience where exceptional taste extends beyond our dishes and permeates the atmosphere, making every meal an occasion to remember.

Serge Gainsbourg caricature and 'Stouterik' beer' at 'Bij Koen en Marijke'

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